Picking the right annuities is just as important as investing at all. Jackson annuity products seem like they have a lot to offer. Are they right for you? This straightforward review lays the facts bare to make your research far easier.

Jackson Explained

jackson-annuity-reviews-logoIn the world of annuity providers, the Jackson National Life Insurance Company is somewhat new to the game. Since opening in 1961, it’s grown into a company with a multi-billion dollar worth.

Jackson’s annuity experience dates back to the mid-1970s. Today, it operates in all 50 U.S. states, and as of 2014, it reported billions in assets and income.

What Kinds of Jackson Annuities Are There?

new-york-life-annuities-reviews-1Like many companies, Jackson offers fixed index, fixed and variable annuities. It differs from other annuity companies, however, in that it provides consumers with the opportunity to take advantage of an almost equal number of each product class.

Jackson annuities include a moderate range of options that are clearly geared towards various investment goals. For instance, some of its fixed products are made to provide conservative growth, while its variable annuities offer the opportunity for customized portfolio allocation and other modifications.

In terms of financial strength, Jackson may lack the backing or size of some of its competitors, but it seems to perform well nonetheless. In 2016, Morningstar ranked it as the number two seller of annuities overall, and it received various A ratings from independent agencies,like Moody’s, Standard .