When choosing annuities, it’s important to pick options that suit both your immediate and long-term needs. Could Allianz annuities fulfill your investment and financial planning goals? Read on to learn about their potential advantages and discover what others have to say.

About Allianz

Allianz SE is a company with a history dating back to 1890. Today, it ranks among the largest public business enterprises in the world according to Forbes. Although the earliest incarnation of the allianz-annuities-reviews-logocompany was founded in Munich, it expanded to North America in 1896.

The Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America focuses primarily on insurance policies and related products, such as annuities. The firm’s comparatively long backstory and massive, globally backed fiscal resources could speak to the security of its financial service products.

What Do Allianz Annuities Offer?

Allianz annuities come in many varieties that might appeal to investors. Although they can be extensively customized and modified, the three main flavors include:

  • Index variable annuities that are designed to capitalize on market gains and¬†protect against drops,
  • Variable annuities that are vulnerable to market fluctuations yet designed to maximize return potential based on your investment selections, and
  • Fixed index annuities that let you capitalize on external index changes without actual direct market exposure.

Important Features of Allianz Annuities

allianz-annuities-reviews-1Like many annuities, these financial products lack insurance backing from the FDIC or other government agencies. Although the index variable annuities only come in one version, the fixed index kinds are available in seven different types, and the company offers two forms of variable annuities.

Because you can purchase so many kinds of Allianz annuities, it’s important to examine each one closely before buying. Things like death benefits, income options and variable investment aren’t necessarily available with each product. The index annuities also include varying index allocation options and other key features.